Thursday, February 3, 2011

Plateaus - Day 23

Well, it appears I spoke too soon. I'm back up to 219. *sigh*

I'm tracking my calories and macronutrient profile. I'm eating about 1600-1800 calories/day, around 80-90 grams protein, and 60-80 grams of carbs, mostly from vegetables and my half of a protein brownie every day. I've had no flour, rice, oats, corn or sugar. I've cut my sodas down to 1 a day, from my usual 3-4 a day. I'm moving more, although I'm not doing dedicated exercise.

Speaking of exercise, I actually signed up for a year's membership at the gym at work, and yesterday, I packed my gym bag, but I had so much stuff going out the door than I forgot to bring my gym bag. I keep thinking I'll do something at home, but I'm having a terrible time getting up the gumption to do it.

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