Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sprint Day

I finally got my lazy ass into the gym today. I signed up for the gym at work at least 2 weeks ago, but kept having various problems getting there. Forgot my gym bag, forgot to go...Hey, I admit I'm lazy. I'm no fan of exercise.

But I have a buddy who keeps pestering me to go, so today I made it in - with my gym bag - and motivated myself to the gym. I promised I'd start easy. Sprints on the elliptical. I really did go easy: 5 minute warm up, then 1 minute sprint at high resistance followed by 1 minute slow at a low resistance. Five sprints total, and a short cool down. And then I was done. Short and easy and out in time to have lunch and get ready for my afternoon meetings.

I know I did something. My legs are tired.

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