Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 27 - August 27

The day after.

Ye gods, it's hot outside. It's supposed to be 109 today, and we have tickets to the Salute to the Space Shuttle at the NASA Johnson Space Center tonight.

I still felt a little hung over from the excess of rich food last night. I skipped breakfast in the early morning and went to the farmer's market. When I got home, I had a single bite of Mr. Grok's potato paratha and then some cheese. Lunch was more leftover roast pork. I'll be glad when that's gone.

We waited until 6:00 pm to leave for the event, even though gates opened at 4:30. No way am I going out in that excessive heat until the sun is going down. You know what? It's still miserable.

Our tickets give us a free meal. My choices are bbq brisket (full of fat, the white gristly kind, ick!), bbq chicken, hamburger, or hot dog. I go with the hamburger. Probably not very high quality, but it's easy, and the lines are long. Grokster does not like standing in line in the heat. I don't blame him, but it's not socially acceptable for a grown woman to pout and run around and cut in line.

Included with the burger is a bag of chips. hrm. Okay.

Drinks are free but they're at a separate cart with another long line. I don't see bottled water there anywhere. You're kidding me. It's 109 degrees and no water? I can't even find water stations. (Later, I did find the water stations. They had cold water and those itty bitty wimpy paper cones. No cups you could actually carry around and sit on the table to go with your meal). So I picked the lemonade to drink. At least it was cold, and right then, that's what mattered most. My other choices were sugary sodas and a diet coke. I despise diet coke. Can't stand the taste of any colas. So I grimace and drink my HFCS lemonade from a can.

We walked around a bit afterward at the exhibits, got our picture taken in front of a space shuttle backdrop, and let the Grokster run through a tunnel for about 30 minutes. It had maybe cooled off to 102 when the sun went down. We're not cut out for this heat.

So we all broke down and got an ice cream together and sat down to eat it. It was funny watching Grokster try to eat his ice cream bar while it was melting and dripping. He did pretty good. Only a little bit ended up on his shirt. THat's when we finally found the water coolers with the itty bitty paper cones, so we could at least wash his fingers and face.

I think my body was still in sugar burning mode, because eating the bun and sugary drink and ice cream didn't bother me at all. No sugar rush, no sugar crash, no real indigestion or heart burn. That's probably not a good thing. Means it's really easy for me to fall back into bad habits with no immediate consequences.

So I ended up with 2 non- paleo meals for the month, when I meant to have zero, or at most 1, after I found out about the (mostly mandatory) office dinner party.

Maybe if my blood work had been scheduled for the week after this weekend, instead of earlier this week, I would have found the will power to resist the bread, cheesecake, wine and ice cream. I suppose I could have. It seems like once I make one allowance, it's all too easy to keep making allowances, to tell myself that I already fell off the wagon, so why not have a donut for breakfast today, and I'll start again tomorrow. (That was seriously my thought for Sunday morning, but I resisted.) I guess I'm an all or nothing kind of girl. Makes it hard when you can't stick to the all part.

Exercise: running after Grokster in the heat. Ugh. Okay, so maybe sauntered after him would be a better description.

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