Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 20 - August 20

Date night! I've been looking forward to this night for a month now. Mr. Grok and I don't want a lot of stuff, and each year, it's harder and harder to find something for the other. So this year, he suggested we get the babysitter to come over for the whole day and we can go out and have fun. Yay!

We spent the afternoon browsing around the Galleria mall, then stopped at some fancy schmancy furniture and home decor stores. Yes, my definition of fancy is Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware. I was really disappointed with RH, though. Last time I was in one of their stores, they had lots of great accessories, but this store seemed to only be about the furniture.

We wanted to catch a movie, so we headed back to south Houston. we couldn't agree on any place to eat. I'm doing my paleo thing, and with my blood work coming up next week, I really want to be strict about it, so I can see how I'm doing.

We finally settle on La Madeleine, a little country French bistro. It's nice, even if it is a chain. I had the salad trio sampler, with Caesar salad, tuna salad and strawberries Romanoff. There was probably sugar in the Romanoff sauce, but it was tasty. I also had a small bowl of tomato basil soup, and it was very yummy. Then off to see Conan at the movies. BTW, not that great. It was okay, but it didn't have the charm of the original one. It was just a standard hunky guy with a sword and a rather elaborate complex villain that didn't make a lot of sense. I also hated the villainess' costumes. Ugh.

Anyway, I was proud that even on our date night, I did good. Oh, we did stop and I splurged on a small decaf mocha from Starbucks. So I guess I wasn't 100% compliant, but my goal for this month is to be about 90-95% compliant.

Meals: See above. 90% compliant.
Exericise: shopping.

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