Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 31 - August 31 - The end of the month!!

I hardly even realized it was the end of the month until halfway through the day yesterday.

This morning, I got on the scale. I was a little bit worried about what I'd see. What if I gained weight on this diet? That would be bad. Instead, my scale showed that I weighed 102 pounds. Ha! I think I need new batteries. Yeah, no way that I lost over 120 pounds in a month. If that happened, I'd be dead.

When I had my physical a couple weeks ago, my weight was down by 5 pounds, and that was wearing my clothes. of course, no way of knowing how closely calibrated the physician's and my scales were, so no idea if I actually lost 5 pounds or not.

Part way through the month, when I was having major sugar withdrawl, I promised myself I'd make myself a birthday cake at the beginning of September, as a "reward" I guess for going the whole month of August and being good.

Well, I did have that piece of cheesecake, and it was good, so maybe I should just count that as my birthday cake. Although I did have my heart set on something specific.

But I'm finding something sort of funny. The urge to make a cake for myself is severely diminished now, two weeks later. Even if I give myself permission to do it and to eat a great big piece of it, maybe even two pieces of it, I'm not really wanting it. I'd rather spend my time painting my kitchen cabinets that trying to bake a cake. Of course, my kitchen is an absolute, chaotic disaster at the moment, so maybe that has something to do with it.

I'm also sad that I'm not seeing a major weight loss in my clothes. They don't seem noticeably looser. Have I been eating too many calories? Has that chocolate - coconut milk - almond butter thingy been doing me in. I only eat about 1-2 tablespoons a night, but yeah, it's high in calories. I haven't been faithful in my exercising, but I never meant to start whole hog exercising along with whole hog diet change. One thing at a time. I'm not getting enough sleep. Rob Wolf said that if you're not sleeping enough to where you wake up without an alarm clock, you can forget about losing weight. Hrm...

In fact, there's several things in Mark'S Daily Apple article about 17 reasons why you're not losing weight. I think I'm staying relatively stress free, but I know there are times when I feel like I never have enough time to do everything I want. I try to take whole evenings and read a book or magazine, or watch a movie, but my kitchen is still torn up, my garden is dying of heat and drought, my kid always wants attention, and I just fired my lawn crew and now have to do my lawn myself. And Mr. Grok doesn't really help with any of that. He takes care of Grokster during the day, and the rest of the evening and weekend he's mine. Yeah, I love him, but he takes so much energy, and sometimes I just want me time! Ah, the joys of being a modern working mother.

Okay, so maybe not so good on the stress. Definitely need to work more on sleep. I'm about 40% successful going to bed when I want to (ie early). Will aim to improve on that next month. Not doing sprints. Why? It's uncomfortable having all that excess body jiggling and flopping around when sprinting. Sports bras can only do so much! And that's all I'll say about that!

Too many calories? don't know. Don't track them. Been keeping my carb grams to 50 or less, but otherwise, not tracking my fat grams or anything else. Eating a lot of fruit. Is that impacting it? But I love summer fruit.

Lift heavy things? Only started that mid month, and having trouble sticking to it.

Move regularly at a slow pace? In spite of my office job, I do try to stay busy at home and on the weekends. Just keeping up with Grokster, keeping the house cleaned and picked up, going shopping at the farmer's market and such. It's been too, too hot to go outside and play very much. I'm hoping September cools off considerably.

Do I just need more time to repair the 40+ years of damage I've done to my metabolism? I heard of one person who switched to primal/paleo, and for 4-5 months (maybe 6) no change. Then boom, something happened, and they suddenly started losing weight.

Am I wheat sensitive? Last night I listened to a Rob Wolf podcast and they had a guy on talking about Wheat Belly, and how modern wheat seems to have a super deleterious effect on some people, and it's not until they get rid of all gluten that they start seeing improvements. I know I haven't gotten rid of all gluten. I'm still having some sauces with it, or a bit here or there of bread or something, in spite of my best intentions. I'm not sure I can really handle a 30 day no wheat challenge yet. I'm not sure Mr. Grok could handle it cooking for me either. I sometimes feel like he's only humoring me, and I'm not getting any results to show that this is a good thing. I'd like to convince him to try it too. He's got high blood pressure and could stand to lose 40 pounds, but he's not interested. I feel like until I can prove it works, I don't have much to say to convince him.

He's not happy that I give Grokster raw milk when I can get it, or that we made a sugar-free ice cream with raw pastured eggs in it. So I tread carefully.

Oh, and next month, I have a lot of visitors. My in-laws are coming for a week. They live in Virginia, and my MIL was diagnosed with cancer recently . She's in chemo now. I'm going to be very selective in what I offer them. I'm convinced that sugar feeds cancer, so I'm not going to make any cakes or cookies or anything, even though that's a huge break with how we usually eat and cook when they visit. Then my best friend is coming to visit the week after. We have great times and we both love to cook and bake and eat sweets, so it's going to be hard to be completely compliant. I do plan to make the best choices I can while they're visiting. Then I'll try to do another 30 day challenge with my friend leaves. It'll go through Halloween, which will be tricky for me. I always love the Halloween candy. But I'm hoping that every day will slowly reprogram my body and mind away from carbs and sugar.

Overall, I'm pleased with my progress this month. I don't know how much weight I lost, but I definitely feel better, and my sugar and carb cravings are much less, even if not completely eliminated. I'm planning to continue this path, and I'll keep you updated on how I'm doing.

Wish me luck!

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