Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 18 - August 18

As usual, I was up too late last night, reading a book. So I couldn't roust myself out of bed when I wanted to this morning and slept in til about 7:00.

I'm not as sore as I was worried about. Maybe I'm getting a little wiser with age. Something's gotta be improving, right?

Today was all about work and my kitchen. Working 8 hours, spending too long stretches sitting down. I get caught up in stuff, or in a 2 hour meeting, and I just don't move around enough. Some days are better than others, but yesterday, when I was moving a lot, it was all outside in the scorching heat. (By the way, we're up to 18 days of triple digit temps!)

When I got home, it was dinner and then play time with the kiddo. That lasted until 8, then I got busy working on my kitchen cabinets. They are all now glazed! Hurray!!! And I got the first gloss coat on the cabinet boxes. I think I'll have to do a little sanding and go back and add a second gloss coat in a few places, but I got a lot done today. It'll be pretty difficult to gloss the doors, but I'll just have to take it slowly. I'm really hoping I can have a lot of it done by Saturday afternoon when our babysitter is coming over to take care of the kiddo. Mr. Grok and I have a birthday date!

Breakfast: 2 slices of colby cheese and a couple slices of salami, eaten as I was running out the door because I slept in late.
Lunch: Free card for a Chipotle burrito/salad. I got the barbacoa salad and added salsa, a small amount of black beans, some corn salsa, cheese and sour cream and sprung for the guacamole. It was tasty and filling. Mr. Grok met me for lunch with the Grokster. So that was fun.
Dinner: smoked sausage and steamed broccoli, with a couple bites of chocolate coconut almond thingy again. And one piece of string cheese as a late night snack. I'm hungry again. :(

Exercise: None.

Off to pack my bag for the gym tomorrow so I'll have no excuses.

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