Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 10 - August 10

The birthday challenges continue at work. We all planned to go out for a birthday lunch, and we ended up at Chuy's Mexican. I'm not a fan of taco salads, and everyone else was ordering off the lunch menu. I would have felt out of place ordering fajitas and then only eating the meat and onions. Then I saw a MexiCobb salad. So I ordered that, and no dressing. Avocado, greens, cheese, grilled chicken, bacon and tomatoes. Tasty, but I was still hungry when I was done. Not enough fat in it.

Oh, and the chips. They set a big basket of fresh chips and salsa right in front of me, and I was starving. It was really hard to resist, but I didn't even eat one. I know myself. If I eat one, I'll eat a dozen. So I didn't. But I wanted to.

After work, I spent hours running to different home improvement stores looking for a paint kit for my cabinets. Finally found one at the Lowes nearest my house. Go figure. After running to all these other stores.

Meals - 95% compliant. I made a desert-y dish with a can of coconut milk, a 6-ounce bar of Scharfenberger 70% chocolate, and some almond butter. Had a few bites of that. Still no carb-y stuff.

Exercise- does shopping count?

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