Monday, August 1, 2011

Reset time

Apparently, I've left this since May. Not surprising. I always have trouble sticking to things. All I can do is try again. Not trying is truly failing.

No good things to say. I've gone backward. On my "diet/lifestyle change" I've actually gained a good bit of weight, gaining all I had lost and then some. I know why. I'm a sugar addict. I love sugar. I also have that mentality that if I'm going ot start a diet on Monday, I'd better eat all my junk food this weekend! It's even worse when I go on vacation, as I recently did. I went to my parents, and all the old habits came back hard. I started off good, but by the end, I was eating chips and two desserts a day. *sigh*

So here we go again.

My plan is to do 31 days of pure primal. You can do anything for 30 days, right? The only thing that sucks is my birthday is in the middle of this month. But I guess it's always something, right? Plus I'm sick and tired of being fat (again), and if I wait, I'll only get worse. I'll deal with my birthday when it gets here.

My goal is to write here every day and be accountable. I'll try to post my meals and calorie counts/breakdowns, to see if I can track how I'm doing. I'll also post my moods and my difficulties. My successes (I hope!) and my failures.

I plan to concentrate mostly on diet, since that's where I have the most trouble. It's also the easiest and most important to fix, and Mark Sisson of Mark's Daily Apple, claims that diet is 80% of the solution. Honestly, it's hard to find time for exercise with a little boy, home repair, working full time, and cooking Primal. Plus the extreme heat and humidity make doing anything outside pretty miserable in the months of July and August. I'll see what I can improvise inside, but first, I' plan to focus on diet.

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